Support a strong Sugary Drinks Tax

Put your name to this petition before 2 pm on Friday 31st of March so that your voice can be counted for a healthier and stronger South Africa for you and your family.
It only takes 3 minutes to complete. Ask your family and friends to get involved.
I support the sugary drinks tax and congratulate Mr Pravin Gordhan on this bold move.
I support the tax because I or someone I love has one or more of these conditions

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Rotten teeth due to too much sugar
  • Stroke
  • Heart attacks
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Blindness due to diabetes
  • Leg or walking problems caused by diabetes or high blood pressure

I am glad that some of the money from the tax will be used to teach me and my family about healthy living/ eating AND to manage diabetes better.
I ask that this tax is made stronger by:
• Taxing all drinks with added sugar at the same level including squashes and syrups (concentrates);
• Sticking to the original levels the tax and not giving a “discount;”

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Support Sugary Drinks Tax

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End date: Mar 31, 2017

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Signature goal: 1000

43 signatures



Tackling the epidemic of obesity-related diseases must be a national priority. The proposed tax on sugary drinks is a first step in addressing this national epidemic. Your written submission is essential to strengthen and pass the tax.

Treasury and Parliament are acting NOW to further consider the proposed tax. The beverage companies and retail groups have put huge pressure on the SA government to weaken this important policy using exemptions, loopholes, and watered-down regulations.

The current proposed tax is a weaker version because of this pressure. Citizens and civil society must encourage our leaders to strengthen and pass this life-saving measure!


 Tax all the added sugar in ready-to-drink fizzy and energy drinks

  • The current proposed tax exempts a large portion of the sugar in sugary drinks—giving a “discount” on the first 4g of sugar per 100mL, no matter how unhealthy a beverage is.
  • This discount reduces the health impact of the tax.
  • Successful sugary drinks taxes are applied without discount.
  • The ready-to-drink (carbonated) accounts for 29.3% of consumption of the sugary drinks market. (Consumption is measured in kcal/capita.)
  • Remove the 4g discount and tax all the sugar in sugary drinks.

‚  Increase the tax rate of squashes and syrups (concentrates)

  • The current proposed tax rate for concentrates is ½ of that for ready-to-drink products.
  • South Africans drink more concentrates – in 2016 consumption was 32.9% up from 16.5% in 2009. (Consumption is measured in kcal/capita.)
  • Stop the switch to cheap sugary concentrates.
  • Encourage low sugar beverages and make clean safe water available.
  • Increase tax rate for concentrates to be equal to that of ready-to-drink sugary beverages.

ƒ Tax all drinks with added sugar

  • The current proposal doesn’t include all of the sugary drinks.
  • Fruit/vegetable juices and dairy-based drinks with added caloric sweeteners contain equal or higher levels of sugars, despite their illusion of health.
  • Treasury needs to clarify their proposal so that all fruit and dairy-based drinks with added caloric sweeteners (whether using a fruit juice, concentrate-based sweetener, or any other caloric sweetener) are taxed.

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