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Compiled by Jessica Beagley
NCD Alliance 20 June 2014
Please find below this week’s selection of interesting news stories and reports. If you come across any interesting articles or reports, please do share them with me and I will include them in next week’s digest.

Global Development News

UN News:UN officials call for restoration of ecosystems to reduce climate change disasters
UN News: Ending female genital mutilation vital for healthy communities, stresses UN official
UN News: On World Day, Ban urges adoption of laws, strategies to ensure dignity for elderly persons
UN News: UN recognizes Chile, China and Morocco for progress on fighting hunger, malnutrition
World Bank: World Bank Lowers Projections for Global Economic Outlook
World Bank: Beyond Stuff: Capacity as a Relational Concept
Guardian: Why were women’s groups excluded from meeting on Nigerian security?
Guardian: Is the UN turning its back on the human right to water?
Huffington Post: A Call to Prioritize Gender in Development
WEF: Five stories on what it means to be a refugee today
LSE: There are no blueprints for policy impact, but you can improve your chances by being flexible and iterative.
Devex: ‘All development is local’

Global Health News

WHO: HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe: sexual transmission of HIV
WHO: WHO calls for national actions on hepatitis
Lancet: Different roads to ‘universal health’ in Latin America
World Bank: Plan to Scale up Investment in Global Civil Registration and Vital Statistics
Kaleo: Flawed mental health policies: a lethal mistake
International HIV/AIDS Alliance: New Briefing: Health in Post-2015 Framework
CGD: The Known Unknown: Estimating the Global Burden of Disease
CGD: Millions Saved 3: (New!) Case Studies in Global Health
CGD: Gates Foundation Calls for More Principled Cost-Effectiveness in Health
CGD: Two Strategies to Strengthen & Streamline Health Data
LSHTM: Health concerns now biggest reason for women not using family planning in Ghana

NCDs News

UN News: Community engagement key to tackling non-communicable diseases, says Assembly President
WHO: Making the European Region free of asbestos-related diseases
PLoS: A Peruvian Story of Cancer, and Health
Globalisation and Health: Trade as a structural driver of dietary risk factors for noncommunicable diseases in the Pacific: an analysis of household income and expenditure survey data
Globalisation and Health: Mobile health for non-communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of the literature and strategic framework for research
Globalisation and Health: The role of law and governance reform in the global response to non-communicable diseases
WhyDev: Global disease burden and funding –  explaining the disparities
BBC: David Cameron: Dementia is ‘one of greatest enemies of humanity’
Devex: Don’t leave us out: 5 issues disability groups want from DfID
New Statesman: Where’s the public outrage at the diabetes epidemic?
IOL: Findings show vulnerability of disabled
AllAfrica: Ethiopian Advocates for Inclusion for People With Disabilities
NY Times: In Single Gene, a Path to Fight Heart Attacks
Fox News: Diabetes drug appears effective for weight loss, study shows
MarketWatch: Medtronic Launches $17-Million Program to Improve Heart Disease, Diabetes Care for Underserved Populations

Risk Factor News
WHO: China’s youth tobacco survey highlights the need to protect youth from tobacco harms
Lancet: Links between diabetes and dementia
PLoS: Too much sitting may increase cancer risk
PLoS: New Study: High Levels of Air Pollution Associated with Lower Levels of Physical Activity
BMJ: New Zealand: Stop Before You Start: Tobacco Control Campaign aimed at young adults

World Economic Forum: Project Associate, Global Health and Healthcare
AidJobs: Commitments Manager – NCDs and Health Systems
American Cancer Society: Program Manager, Global Cancer Treatment
RESULTS UK: Health Advocacy Assistant

NCD Alliance and Partners in the News
East Africa Initiative: Charter calls for Global Action



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