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COVID-19 and NCDs

Older people and those of us living with NCDs need to special care. Get a 3 month supply of medicines for NCDs Avoid crowds and not essential travel Stay home as much as possible Try and stay 2 metres from…

COVID-19 – WHO online course

Stop the panic. Learn about COVID-19 from WHO

1 joint plan = paradigm shift = District Development Model

Districts are the heart of health service delivery. The DDM goes beyond health but is critical if South Africa NHI. Integration is central to stop silos.

Government spending – carrying on regardless

Dismal results in the Auditor General’s report on public spending for 2018-19. And, distressing in that government pays so little attention carrying on regardless.

Mboweni: Implementation key to SA’s economic growth

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says the country needs to work on the implementation of policies if it is to realize improvements and growth in the country’s sluggish economy. Mboweni made the comment when he delivered his opening remarks at the…

Revise WHO biosimilar guidelines urgently

SANCDA supports the call for updating WHO biosimilar medicine standards

UHC – From promises to progress on Health for All

The SANCDA, together with over 130 of our global NCDs comrades, asked our governments and officials to take action. Click here to read the letter. For a list of signatories click here. Action is required to make universal health coverage (UHC)…

“E-cigarettes not safe” US health sources

e-cigarettes (and vaping) are not safe and can cause irreversible lung damage and disease

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