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draft National Cancer Policy Framework & Strategy Closed for comment

This draft is more than a year overdue and you only get until 29 April to comment. So make a plan.

Click here to download draft National Cancer Policy framework and strategynew_health_logo_25_

Send your comments to Ms Sandhya Singh, Deputy Director, NCDs Directorate. The message below is from the NCDs Cluster of the NDoH

The NCD Cluster thanks many stakeholders for your review and comment on the prior draft sent last week. We have incorporated the comments received & present Draft 19 04 2016 1 for your further review and comment. Many of you may be aware that based on representation on behalf of civil society,  the deadline was extended to 29 April 2016.

We remind you that the Draft serves as a high level, over arching document to which proposed Clinical Guidelines in Cervical Cancer, Breast Health (in process) as well as future Guidelines on Childhood Cancers & Prostate Cancer & others on priority cancers will be added. The Draft will also be read together with other policies i.e. NCDs and proposed policy on Palliative care (Draft 1).   You are informed of the following:

  1. We are in the process of seeking approval for the Director General, Malebona Precious Matsotso to present the Draft at the forthcoming National Health Council Technical Committee (NHC Tech) meeting scheduled for 28 – 29 April 2016
  2. The request is based on a clear proviso that additional comments will be considered due to the extension of the deadline.
  3. We expect comments & recommendations from NHC Tech which must be considered.
  4. Additionally we expect NHC Tech to request an approximate costing of the implementation of the policy.
  5. All comments received will be considered and incorporated as applicable, in order to finalise the document.
  6. Also note that subsequent to Dr Pillay’s meeting on Breast Health yesterday, we may need to expand the scope of the facilities audit which should be conducted urgently.

Note the National Health Council Technical committee comprises  DG +Deputy DGs and provincial DGs.

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