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IAPO – International Pain Awareness Month Toolkit Submissions – September 2017

Join the global campaign this September

Public awareness of pain and pain management is now firmly on the map. At the recently concluded 70th World Health Assembly, September has now been acknowledged as a Pain Awareness Month. All throughout September, we call on you to help us build on this momentum.

IAPO, the American Chronic Pain Association and the International Pain Management Network invite you to join us in campaigning to raise awareness so that chronic pain is more readily recognised, better understood without stigma, more effectively treated and managed, and acknowledged as a serious public health issue.

International Pain Awareness month is a simple call to action that can unite patient advocates. Regardless of your priorities, the campaign can be easily adapted for use in your local and national activities. Through a global effort we can together achieve increased awareness among relevant stakeholders so that chronic pain can be recognised, effectively treated and managed.

Share your resources for the Tool Kit    

In preparation for September, the International Pain Awareness Month Tool Kit is being updated. To do this we are asking for professional and advocacy organisations to share resources that can be used in the Tool Kit. These resources could be tools for supporting patients to manage pain (such as educational videos or pain logs), or they could be tools for running advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns (such as guides on lobbying ministers of representatives or communication materials, including templates for press releases, newsletters and case studies).

Click here for last year’s Tool Kit (see pp.32-145 for resource contributions)

Please use the green button below to suggest resources that you would like to see included in the 2017 Tool Kit.


Deadline for contributions: 15 August 2017. Once completed, send the form to:

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