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Weekly Digest NCDs Articles Week 1 January 2015

Global Development News

UN News: New Year offers little chance for children’s education in Syria, warns UNICEF

UN News: United Nations – Year in Review 2014 (video)

Devex: Food, hunger and malnutrition problems linked to an ‘abuse of power’

ODI: How far down the road? Comments on the Secretary-General’s Synthesis Report on Post-2015

World Bank: World Bank Supports Greater Resilience to Climate Related Hazards in Mozambique

Sustainable Development 2015: Analysis of the Secretary General’s Post-2015 Report and Interactive Timeline of Post-2015 and Post-Rio+20 Processes

UN-NGLS: UN NGLS Reporting: The 2015 Post

Development Progress: Financing the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals: a rough roadmap

DevPolicy: Should development be kinky? A response to Pritchett and Kenny

CGD: Is Foreign Aid (a) Shrinking (b) Stagnating or (c) Growing?

WEF: 10 Gender stories of the week

WEF: How can we solve world hunger? (video)

Global Health News

WHO: PAHO year in review: 2014 public health highlights in the Americas

UN News: ‘We have no plan B, we have to get rid of this virus’ – new head of UN Ebola mission

Lancet: The International Monetary Fund and the Ebola outbreak  and Response

Lancet: The neglected global burden of tuberculosis in pregnancy

World Bank: Timor-Leste: Better Medical Supply Management Improves Lives

Guardian: Ebola can only be beaten by tackling poverty in Africa

PLoS: Black lives must matter more in health research

PLoS: Neglected Tropical Diseases: Challenges for the Post-2015 Development Era

WEF: How nutrition intervention can save lives

BMJ: K M Venkat Narayan: Is health simply organized kindness?

IRIN: Universal health coverage – Ebola reveals the gaps


NCDs News

WHO: Workplan for the UN Task Force on the Prevention and Control of NCDs1 covering the period 2014-2015: Progress as of December 2014

WHF: Salim Yusuf is World Heart Federation’s New President

Lancet: Vitamin D for prevention of type 2 diabetes: a clouded forecast for the sunshine vitamin

Lancet: Country in Focus: turning the tide of diabetes in Fiji

Guardian: Were disability advocacy groups too successful? It may explain their funding cuts

BMJ: Bheemaray Manganavar: Re-imagining the response to non-communicable diseases in India

BMJ: Richard Smith: Treating cardiovascular disease as well as we treat TB and HIV

Risk Factor News

WHO: Tobacco Free Pacific 2025

Lancet: Dying for a good night’s sleep

Lancet: Long working hours can be toxic

Lancet: More hurdles: exercise for people with disabilities

Lancet: Global burden of cancer attributable to high body-mass index in 2012: a population-based study

BioMed Central: Diet and prostate cancer


European COPD Coalition: Cons

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