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Draft National Youth Policy 2014-2019

The National Youth Policy (NYP) 2014-2019 is a progression from the first NYP 2009-2014. This
is part of a global trend which sees governments formulating youth policies to respond to the
challenges peculiar to young people in the 21st Century. The NYP 2014-2019 improves upon and
updates the previous policy by speaking to new and continuing challenges faced by South
Africa’s youth. It does not seek to reinvent the wheel but acknowledges that some of the
challenges may have changed with time, while others remain. Using lessons learnt from the
previous NYP, the NYP 2014-2019 seeks to create an environment that enables the youth of
South Africa to unleash their potential by identifying those mechanisms that will make this
possible. Mindful of the global economic challenges that impact on South Africa, the NYP 2014-
2019 identifies interventions which are more likely to unclog critical blockages which will act as a
catalyst in unleashing youth potential. The policy is located within the South African
Constitution, United Nations World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and
beyond (1995) and the Africa Youth Charter (2006), and various policies including the National
Development Plan.

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