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IAPO Patient Solidarity Day 2016 Resources

In September 2015, the 194 Member States of the United Nations agreed to develop and put in place practical actions and national frameworks to achieve this and other targets, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Resolution A/RES/70/1).

This Patient Solidarity Day (PSD), Saturday 3 December 2016, we call on our members, organizations, institutions, and stakeholders to support the call for UHC for all. Sustainable, patient-centred UHC is going to need significant efforts and firm commitment over the next 14 years from the key actors in the healthcare system: governments, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, and patients’ organizations.

Patient-centred UHC means that all people, including our patient organizations and their members, receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when accessing them. The full spectrum of essential, safe and quality health services should be covered including health promotion, prevention and treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

A patient who has access to UHC can be kept healthy and fit enough to participate in the social, economic, cultural and educational development of their country.

Only if all countries and stakeholders work together in close collaboration will it be possible to ensure that no-one is left behind. This year’s PSD presents an opportunity to promote accountability and transparency in healthcare by holding all stakeholders accountable on commitments they have made to achieve UHC in all countries, as set out in Principle 7 of IAPO’s Principles on Universal Health Coverage.

This year’s PSD presents a way of re-launching and further strengthening the key message that those who took part in PSD 2015 so strongly voiced last year: healthcare is a human right. UHC is a high-quality, effective, and fair means to promote the right to health to which every person is entitled: leave no-one behind.

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