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Mapping of NCD civil society organisations in the WHO African Region – WHO NCD Alliance (2018)

The NCD Alliance and WHO Regional Office for Africa (AFRO), organised a Regional Consultation on the roles and responsibilities of WHO and civil society organizations in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases in the African region in Balaclava, Mauritius on 17-18 October, 2016. The meeting aimed to share experiences, lessons learnt, and good practices on CSO involvement in NCD prevention and control; brainstorm on ways to catalyze the establishment of a Regional CSOs’ Network for the prevention and control of NCDs; review and provide input into the draft Regional implementation framework for the prevention and control of NCDs; and foster effective collaboration among CSOs in the Region and WHO in order to accelerate implementation of the AFRO regional NCD strategy and joint efforts to integrate NCDs into national development plans.

As part of the meeting, the NCD Alliance commissioned a mapping of civil society organisations (CSOs) working on NCDs in the Region to inform the discussions at the Regional Meeting.

The AFR mapping exercise of NCD civil society had the following three key objectives:

1 To describe the current status of civil society action on NCDs in the region, including CSO challenges, gaps, capacity needs, and opportunities

2 To identify current regional civil society areas of action and priorities for NCD prevention and control

3 To explore how other key NCD stakeholders can support civil society action in the NCD prevention and control response.

The Regional Consultation is part of a series of such meetings in various WHO Regions that have and are being organised to inform future directions to larger civil society action on NCDs around the world and support implementation of the WHO Global Action Plan for Prevention and Contrsol of NCDs (2013).

At the time of this mapping, four NCD Alliances were in operation in the African region, based in Nigeria, South Africa (, and Zambia in addition to the regional East African NCD Alliance (

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