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NCDs Weekly Digest 7 July 2015

Global Development
UN New UN report finds drop in global foreign direct investment in 2014
ODI: Urban resilience is vital to tackling both climate change and poverty
CGD: The Addis Accord: Looking Different, But Not Much Better?
DEVEX: Three big problems with how we think about ‘results’ and development
DEVEX: MDBS Boost climate finance, but not for the most vulnerable
DEVEX: The link between philanthropic freedom and better development
DEVEX: Can we address imbalance of power in cross-sector partnerships?
DEVEX: The power of collaborations: 6 success factors for private-NGO partnerships
DEVEX: What future for climate adaptation finance?
Post-2015: Data for development

Global Health
UN: Massive damage to Nepal’s healthcare services has put millions of quake survivors at risk
UN: If current trends hold, childhood obesity will hit 70 million by 2025
WHO AFRO: Strong partnerships needed to tackle health challenges faced by Small Island Developing States in the African Region
WHO EURO: Special report on Healthy Cities in Europe launched
WHO EURO: Health ministers in South-eastern Europe commit to achieving universal health coverage
WHO PAHO: Women’s health needs are still not adequately met
WHO PAHO: Health coverage reaches 46 million more in Latin America
ODI : How do we improve public services? It’s not just about money
Devex: How reliable data can secure a healthy future
THE LANCET: Tackling climate change: the greatest opportunity for global health
The Lancet: Reduce short-lived climate pollutants for multiple benefits
THE BMJ: Is informed consent impossible at the end of life?

Biomed: Can the sustainable development goals reduce the burden of nutrition-related non-communicable diseases without truly addressing major food system reforms?
THE LANCET: Health financing reforms for controlling non-communicable diseases in LMICs

Risk Factors
The BMJ: Smokers are more likely to quit as smoking prevalence decreases
The BMJ: Chronic exposure to higher BP in young adults is associated with cardiac dysfunction in middle age
THE BMJ: Why e-cigarettes are diving the public health community.
WEF: What drives healthy food choices?
WEF: How too much fructose damages your heart
THE GUARDIAN: ‘My children are suffering but what can I do?’ Delhi’s polluted air by the people who live there.
LSHTM: Road traffic noise is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and all-cause mortality in London
Sci Dev Net: Indoor air pollution may kill 4 million a year
Reuters: Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to raise smoking age to 21


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