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NCD Alliance Weekly Digest 25 April to 1 May 2015

Global Development News

UN News: Nepal: quake’s impact on food security likely ‘very high,’ warns UN agency
UN News: UN agency unveils alternative policy agenda to transform economies, make gender equality a reality
UN News: UN-backed Expo in Milan spotlights need to ensure healthy, safe and sufficient food for all
World Bank: Highlighting a free resource for PPP project development
World Bank: Africa: Benefits of Adapting Africa’s Infrastructure to Climate Change Outweigh the Costs
WEF: How the Pope will tell the world about climate change
WEF: 5 steps to building governments fit for the future
Post 2015: April 2015: Five Headlines from a Big Month for the Data Revolution
Post 2015: Is a Data Revolution underway, and if so, who will benefit?
Post 2015: 2015: a critical year for the Least Developed Countries
FUNDS: Financing for Development Conference 2015: Views from the Global South

Global Health News

WHO: WHO issues rapid health assessment on impact of Nepal earthquake
WHO: Eliminating direct payments is a major step toward universal health access and coverage, says PAHO/WHO Director
WHO: Humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic: lack of funding threatens the free-access to healthcare
WHO: 1 in 5 children in Africa do not have access to life-saving vaccines
WHO: 1.5 million under 5 children to be reached with essential health services as Sierra Leone recovers from Ebola
UN News: New UN report finds bulk of world’s rural populations excluded from healthcare access
UN News: Systems to combat antibiotic resistance lacking globally, UN health agency warns
UN News: On World Day, UN labour agency urges culture of prevention on occupational safety and health
World Bank: The Gambia: World Bank Supports Efforts to Boost Nutrition and Health Services for Women and Young Children
Lancet: Diseases of Poverty: Shrinking the Map on Malaria, NTDs
Lancet: The association between smoking cessation and glycaemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes and comment
Lancet: Selection of Papers on Global Surgery
BMJ: Can (and should) Africa make its own medicines?
BMJ: India plans to set up central e-health authority to improve healthcare delivery
BMJ: Small changes to diet could bring substantial health and environmental benefits, say researchers
BMJ: The role of a health partnership: Development of a Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Uganda
BioMed Central: Accelerating health equity: the key role of universal health coverage in the Sustainable Development Goals
CGD: Blink and You’ll Miss It: Global Health in the QDDR

NCDs and Risk Factor News

UN News: Air pollution in Europe costs $1.6 trillion a year in deaths and diseases, UN study shows
PLoS: 30% of people with a “healthy” BMI are actually obese
BMJ: Neal D. Barnard and Angela Eakin: Yes, cholesterol matters
BMJ: Alcoholic drinks contribute to obesity and should come with mandatory calorie counts
BMJ: Food and the responsibility deal: how the salt reduction strategy was derailed
BMJ: Urgent action to amend Austria’s tobacco control laws
BMJ: Maternal obesity increases type 1 diabetes risk in offspring, study shows
BBC: ‘Child obesity may have two phases.’
Dev Policy: Death, Taxes and Tobacco
BioMed Central: E-cigarette use and relations to tobacco and alcohol use among adolescents
BioMed Central: Breast cancer: Adipose tissue, a bulky neighbor causing trouble
Guardian: ‘Vitamin supplements increase cancer risk.’
Guardian: ‘Supermarkets should rebrand as ‘Public Benefit Corporations’ that promote healthy lifestyles.’
Cancer Research UK: Election 2015: what are the parties saying about cancer?
Next Billion: NCDs Threatening Health Insurance: Innovations, partnerships offer ways to mitigate the impact

Healthy Caribbean Coalition: POSDEVAL Information and Communications Officer

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