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Opportunity: Award for patient “overcoming” & giving back closing date 10 Aug 16

 Bakken Invitation Awards global patient awards Africa needs your entry

You likely work with people who represent the spirit of this program — people who, with the help of medical technology, are making the world a better place. All applicants with eligible medical technology, regardless of the manufacturer, can apply or be nominated.

Who: patients who have overcome health challenges related to certain #NCDs with the help of medical technology and are now making a difference in their extraordinary volunteer and charity efforts

What: Bakken Invitation Award recognizes outstanding contributions of service, volunteerism and leadership around the world. At least 10 selected people are invited to nominate a charity of their choice for a $20,000 grant. They also join together in Hawaii to meet Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic, and participate in community service projects and learn how to inspire others to “live on, give on.”

Which NCDs: chronic diseases: heart diseases, diabetes, spinal disorders, chronic pain, or neurological, gastroenterological and urological disorders and, cancer, stroke and obesity.

How to nominate: click here.

Criteria and guidelines: Click here.

A selection committee will review all nominations, and applicants will be notified in September 2016.

Sponsor: Medtronic Philanthropy

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