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NCDs Weekly Digest 4 Aug 15

Global Development News

UN News: Ban welcomes UN Assembly’s endorsement of action plan on post-2015 development financing

UN News: UN projects world population to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, driven by growth in developing countries

CGD: TPP Shaping Up to Be a Mixed Bag for Developing Countries

ODI:  Five things needed to turn the SDGs into reality

UNDESA: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in the Post-2015 Development Era: Sharing knowledge and expertise to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

UNCTAD: Investing in Sustainable Development Goals: Action Plan for Private Investments in SDGs 

Devex: Actions for inclusion amid rising inequality

Devex: ‘Healthy and stable communities’ make better business environments

Devex: How to engage the private sector in development

World Bank: Good decisions, successful PPPs!

Guardian: Just growing more food won’t help to feed the world



Global Health News

WHO: WHO and Gates Foundation agree on ways to strengthen collaboration to improve health in the African Region

WHO: Experts seek answers to increasing rates of HPV-related oral cancer

WHO: WHO calls for strengthening malaria elimination strategy, says 3.2 billion people still at risk 

WHO: WHO calls for early reconstruction of health systems says health of quake survivors at risk without regular services

Lancet: Financing global health: the poverty of nations

Devex: The new market builders for health innovation |Sustainable solutions, strong leadership for better national health care systems

WEF: Why African epidemics need more than just a health response

WEF: Can smartphone apps help deliver universal healthcare?

WEF: How Nigeria overcame huge obstacles to stamp out polio

Dev Policy: A new model of health workforce training | Scale, value and innovation: a new model of health workforce training

BMJ: Strengthening human resources in Malawi, the world’s poorest country

USAID: “Groundbreaking” Report Links HSS Interventions to Health Outcomes

CSIS: A Real Test for the GFF: Improving Maternal and Child Health in Conflict Settings

Health Aid: Health Aid Is Allocated Efficiently, But Not Optimally: Insights From A Review Of Cost-Effectiveness Studies

Global Trade: Doctors Without Borders slams TPP

The News Pakistan: Ministry Endorses Findings of Planetary Health Commission Report



NCDs News

Dev Policy: A positive prognosis for community-based NCD screening

Lancet: Can we model a cognitive footprint of interventions and policies to help to meet the global challenge of dementia?

Nature: Obesity risk in rural, urban and rural-to-urban migrants

PLoS: Noncommunicable Diseases: A Globalization of Disparity?

BioMed Central: Black men are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer as white men – this needs to change

Al Jazeera: Navy probes complaint of cancer ‘cluster’ among Guantanamo workers

Global Health Corps: Tackling Mental Health Issues from the Ground Up

MedPage Today: Black Women, Older Patients Unlikely to Hit Diabetes Targets



Risk Factor News

The Union: Uganda passes tobacco control law in line with the world’s most stringent policies

The Union: The President of Uruguay meets with The Union to discuss next steps for tobacco control

Lancet: Kidneys do not like excess body fat

BMJ: The BMJ Today: Compelling evidence linking sugary drinks with diabetes | Taxing sugar doesn’t have to be taxing |That Sugar Film

BMJ: World: US Chamber of Commerce shills for Big Tobacco

BMJ: Should a hunger charity accept support from a tobacco company?

BMJ: Standing for two hours a day may benefit heart health, study finds

WEF: 5 facts about global obesity

PLoS: Salt Reduction Initiatives around the World – A Systematic Review of Progress towards the Global Target

BioMed Central: The science of childhood obesity: moving the field forward through the study of both individual behaviors and environmental factors

BioMed Central: Birth weight linked to hypertension risk

Int J Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity: The science of childhood obesity: an individual to societal framework

Independent:New weight loss tool designed by the US government may be the most accurate dieting guide to date.’

Independent: Tesco to ban Ribena and Capri-Sun along with other sugary drinks to tackle obesity

Telegraph: ‘Should certain foods carry cigarette-style health warnings?’

Telegraph: Toby Young: ‘A fat tax is not the way to fight obesity.’

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