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WHO: Patients for patient safety news (2013)

Welcome to the latest edition of PFPS News. We have lots of good news to share with you.

During the summer period, there is often a sense of wind-down and an opportunity for some rest and recuperation. However, the passion which drives the efforts of patient advocates means that we do not always take care of ourselves. For that reason, I hope you will take the opportunity to recharge your batteries and re-commence renewed, refreshed and re-invigorated in a few weeks’ time.While not resting on our laurels, we can certainly be very proud of recent activities of the PFPS network and our new collaborations – all adding to our self-esteem as we are invited by others to take part in their work (the IAEA invitation to contribute to nuclear medicine safety and PFPS involvement in the 5 May Clean Your Hands campaign). These are but two examples. It is a real source of joy when individual champions are affirmed and recognised (the involvement of Mohammed Albaadani in the ISQua Fellowship programme). Other significant markers are: the increase in champion numbers, the critical Duty of Candour legislation in the UK, and our involvement at the World Health Assembly in a collaborative session on medication safety. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of PFPS New

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