Produced by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the report confirms high levels of alcohol abuse but also positive policy moves spearheaded by the government’s Inter-Ministerial Committee.

According to the report, South Africa ranks among Africa’s top four countries in terms of litres of alcohol consumed annually. The average South Africa over the age of 15 years drinks at least ten litres of pure alcohol a year. About half of all alcohol consumed in the country is comprised of beer, while the rest is almost equally distributed between spirits, wine and other alcohol.

About 30 percent of male drinkers and 14 percent of female drinkers report at lease one episode of binge drinking in the last month.

Harmful drinking habits have cost the country nearly R 300 billion, according to the report released on 12 May.

However, the report also highlights positive moves by government to curb dangerous drinking including the 2010 establishment of a dedicated
Inter-Ministerial Committee and draft legislation to ban alcohol advertising.

Download the full report: WHO Global status report on alcohol and health 2014

Source: Health-e News