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 Dr. Vicki Pinkney Atkinson

Vicki is the CEO of the SANCDA+ and writes the blog in her personal capacity as a person living with nearly 20 NCDs+ some since birth.

Comment on: The Draft NPO Amendment Bill 2021

A bill that aims at changing the current NPO Act 1997 which was meant to help NPOs to be formed and function. However, over time gaps indentified need fixing especailly those relating to small NPOs and community based organisations. It also deals with abuse of NPOs

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COVID-19 comorbidities uncovered NCDs = 90%

Better late than never. And it is only until October last year. Comorbidities are published once and not routinely by NICD. Oh now, the second wave is over "we will publish another list." Really? This requires some myth-busting action from the National Department of...

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