How - our advocacy work


1. NCDs+ equity for IPCHS aligned with the human rights, the SA constitution and UHC.
2. Accountability of the government to account for accepted standards of NCDs+ prevention and management through the involvement of PLWNCDs+
3. PLWNCDs+ are meaningful involvement in their care so that there is policy coherence with the human rights enshrined in the SA constitution.


The pillars or independent strategies must align with the WHO Framework on integrated people-centred health services

I. Strengthening NCDs+ governance and accountability by policy coherence and co-production (Strategy 2)
II. Reorienting the NCDs+ model of care to align with IPCHS by the co-production of knowledge products (strategy 3 reorienting the model of care)

III. Empowering and engaging the NCDs+ civil society stakeholders by strengthening the SANCDs+ stakeholder alliance. (Strategy 1 empowering and engaging people and communities)


1. Hold the government accountable for human rights violations of PLWNCDs+ within NCDs+ related policy before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Co-produce and disseminate knowledge supporting an IPCHS NCDs+ model of care to critical stakeholders.
3. Co-produce a stainable SANCDA+ governance structure mandated by members, allies and partners stakeholders to achieve an NCDs+ strategic agenda beyond 2023.