Why We Exist


We see a South Africa where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life, free from the preventable suffering, stigma, disability and death caused by NCDs+. We, the people, work together with willing stakeholders so that all policy elements meet our human rights as enshrined in our Constitution.
Our vision includes understanding NCDs beyond a minimalist legal definition limited to specific conditions, risk factors, and policy categories which fragment our impact. Our NCDs+ advocacy plan involves a whole of society and a whole of government response in which we meaningfully involve (PLWNCDs+) in the development, implementation and evaluation of policy.
The expanded NCDs+ advocacy plan focuses on meeting the needs of PLWNCDs+, 80% of whom receive sub-optimal care in the government sector. All PLWNCDs+ are vulnerable, most endure disability, social stigma that requires integrated prevention and control. It includes mental health and injuries.
NCDs+ have many determinants (social, economic, and commercial) that disproportionately impact poor people and vulnerable communities. The sustainable development goals (SDGs) address NCDs+ broadly and its inclusion as an equal part of universal health coverage (SDG target 3.8) for the SA version of National Health Insurance (NHI).



The SANCDA+ exists for PLWNCDs+ to access affordable, quality, evidence-based NCDs+ treatment and services. People afflicted and affected by NCDs+ must be able to receive essential care without suffering financial hardship.
We do this by holding the government accountable for policy coherence and benchmark NCDs+ equity with the care provided to people living with communicable diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS, TB and STIs, in terms of existing policy and resourcing.