A Community Conversation with People Living with HIV and Non-­‐communicable Diseases (NCDs)

AIDS 2016, Durban, South Africa Wednesday 20th July


Global Village, the People Living with HIV Networking Zone, nr 607



Non-­‐communicable diseases (NCDs -­‐ mainly cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic  respiratory diseases, and diabetes) are the most common cause of death and disability worldwide, accounting for 68% of global mortality, or two out of every three deaths. Driven largely by four main modifiable risk factors – tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and harmful use of alcohol – NCDs are a major cause of poverty and a barrier to economic and social development.


People living with HIV often also have high rates of NCDs. Some NCDs are related to HIV infection itself and to the side effects of some of the medicines used to treat HIV infection. With advances in care and treatment, people living with HIV are living longer and ageing, and developing non-­‐HIV-­‐related  NCDs similar to the rest of the  population.


The response to HIV and NCDs shares common features, including having strong health services, the need for individual and community empowerment, leadership and engagement.


An effective NCD prevention and control response must be guided by the views of people living with NCDs. This community conversation organised by the NCD Alliance, GNP+ and the South African NCD Alliance s aimed at exploring how people living with HIV are affected by NCDs, what are some of the key issues faced and recommendations on addressing these. It will also explore lessons learned from the HIV movement for the participation and empowerment of people living with NCDs.



13:00 -­‐ Welcome Johanna Ralston, Vice chair NCD Alliance, CEO, World Heart Federation


Jessica Daly, Medtronic Philanthropy

13:20 -­‐ Introduction to the project Katie Dain, Executive Director, NCD Alliance
13:30 Facilitated Discussion

How have you been affected by NCDs? What are the main challenges faced and

Katie Dain, Executive Director, NCD Alliance

Dr Vicki Pinkney Atkinson, South Africa NCD Alliance


what are some key recommendations towards NGOs, government, society to ensure high quality equitable NCD prevention and care for all?  
14:15 Facilitated Discussion


What           is           effective           patient participation/involvement/empowerment?


What are some ways you have been successfully empowered ?


How would you like to be engaged with regards to NCDs? What would you need to do so?


Do you see opportunities in people living with HIV working with others living with NCDs – working towards common issues?


14:55 Wrap up

Katie Dain, Executive Director, NCD Alliance

Dr Vicki Pinkney Atkinson, South Africa NCD Alliance