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Sharjah NCDs declaration adopted: civil society united towards 2030

Over 600x400_Forum_new-1_edit_2200 civil society representatives from 6 contents adopted the Sharjah Declaration on NCDs  at the first Global NCD Alliance forum. South Africa was represented  Elize Joubert (CEO CANSA) and Vicki Pinkney-Atkinson. Click here to download the declaration.

The SA NCD Alliance committed to support the 2030 Agenda (code for Sustainable Development Goals) by:

  • Joining forces – working together;
  • Accelerating NCDs action by advocating for change;
  • Increasing accountability for NCDs by monitoring progress. (see NCDs Score Card.)

We call on the SA government and policy makers to:

  • Encourage high-level government authorities across all sectors to champion NCD prevention and control and integrate NCDs into national development plans and frameworks;
  • Accelerate the implementation of agreed plans, political commitments, targets and goals, and promote evidence-based, affordable and cost-effective, population-wide interventions;
  • Allocate adequate, sustained human and financial resources to NCD prevention and control;
  • Protect public health policies from interference by vested interests, particularly from the alcohol, tobacco and food and beverage industries, and from legal challenges under international trade and investment agreements;
  • Protect the fundamental human right to health and create environments that empower individuals, families and communities to make healthy choices and lead healthy lives;
  • Ensure all people living with NCDs have access to affordable, quality NCD services, medicines and technologies, across the entire continuum of care, including palliative care;
  • Engage civil society and people living with or affected by NCDs in policy development, implementation, coordination mechanisms and monitoring, and provide capacity-building to NCD alliances and networks, particularly in low- and middle-income countries;
  • Establish robust and transparent monitoring and evaluation systems in order to regularly report on NCD policy progress and health outcomes at national, regional and global level.
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