NCDs Atlas of the NCD Alliance has recently been published. This showcases advocacy by civil society groups from around the globe. Four of the reports published in the Atlas became award winners at the Sharjah NCD conference in the areas of:

Coalición Latinoamérica Saludable – Rapid Regional Response to Strengthen and Defend National NCD Policies in Latin America
East African NCD Alliance – Benchmarking to Track and Advance Regional NCD Action
Healthy Caribbean Coalition – Building Civil Society Capacity to Improve Access to Cancer Services for Underserved Populations
Tanzanian NCD Alliance – Creating a Journalists’ Forum to Raise Awareness on NCDs

The SANCDA report titled  “Crafting a Collective Advocacy Agenda in Support of a Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax in South Africa”, is contained in the document.
This goes to highlight the journey, problems and lessons learnt in the collective creation of a sugar tax in South Africa.
The journey to getting the tax to work for South African’s has barely begun. The areas of work coming from its implementation in April will be to ring-fence money from the tax collected to help fund civil society in prevention, awareness and care.
The SANCDA is honoured to have been published in the NCDs Atlas and look forward to the next publication and furthering the movement to a sugar-free South Africa.

Download the report here