A quick review of where issues related to NCDs may be found in the National Department of Health’s (NDoH’s) strategic plan 2014/15- 2018/19.

What is missing?

  • We might have been too quick and missed the National Health Commission. Can you find it? Please let us know if you do.

What is in it?

Page 13: NCDs burden of disease

Page 14: NDoH goal to prevent disease and reduce its burden, & promote health. Relate to National Development Plan goal 2030 ↓ prevalence of NCDs.

Page 19: Programme 2: NHI, planning & enablement

Develop and implement integrated monitoring & evaluation plan.

Sector-wide procurement very important for essential medicine and equipment access. EDL are revised on a 3 year cycle and available via book, web and cell phone application format available. The material is also peer reviewed. Medicines availability; a central chronic medicines dispensing and distribution network availability in order to improve access.

Page 24: Programme 3: HIV/AIDS, TB, Maternal & Child Health (includes child, youth and school Health sub-programme)

  • HPV target by 2018/19 = >70% coverage.
  • Strategic objective indicator cervical cancer screening 2013/14 baseline 55% coverage 2018/19 >70% coverage

Page 27: Primary health care (PHC) services (also includes district health services and communicable diseases.)

Health promotion subprogramme focus on implementing a mass mobilization strategy on healthy options.
NCDs subprogramme includes mental health focus points:

  • ↓ NCDs risk factors
  • ↑ health systems and services for the detection and control of NCDs
  • ↑ service delivery platform for PHC focused eye care, oral health, care of elderly, rehabilitation, disability and mental health
  • Mental health ↑ awareness of- & ↓ stigmatization by sectoral collaboration
  • ↑ services to prevent disability by co-ordinated interdisciplinary services
  • decentralised integrated PHC services at clinic, community and district hospital level.

Page 29 & 30: Indicators and targets (2018/19)

  • NCDs % ↓ of obesity. Target: ↓ by 10% men to 21% and women to 55%
  • No. people counselled & screened & for high blood pressure & raised blood glucose with 5 million people target. Baseline not available.
  • No. people screened & treated for mental disorders. Target: 35%  prevalent population
  • No. districts implementing the framework and model for rehabilitation services. Target: 52 districts implementing (draft framework and model available 2013/14)
  • Cataract surgery rate. Target: 1700 cataract surgeries per million uninsured population (increase from 1000 2013/14)

Page 30: Resource considerations.  The “spending focus (for this period)… will be on health promotion and the prevention of NCDs such as diabetes and hypertension.”

Page 31: Risk management Risk: under-resourced District Health System with mitigation strategy to ring fence the funding for district management and service provision.

Download the strategic plan: SA DoH Strategic Plan 2014 to 2019