*This target has not been completed but, partially met.

The 2017 WHO NCDs Progress Monitor shows that South Africa has some way to go especially when it comes to implementation of NCDs policy. It seems that we are not alone.

“It’s alarming that six years out from the first UN High-level Meeting on NCDs in 2011, less than half of WHO Member States have put in place effective NCD governance that would go a long way to preventing people from dying of premature deaths and contracting avoidable illnesses,” said Katie Dain, CEO of the NCD Alliance.

An excellent way to speed up progress is through a national coordinating mechanism like an NCDs commission. The SA NCDs Alliance celebrates the formation of the new SA National Health Commission which is set to fulfil this purpose. That is if the swift revision of its objects and scope are officially revised.

NCDs progress in South Africa will only speed up when the national focus shifts from paper to action. Dr Vicki Pinkney-Atkinson, CEO SA NCD Alliance

Stats on NCDs in South Africa