Latest version of the NCDs benchmarking exercise Jan 2015

The latest version of the 2014 NCDs Benchmarking exercise conducted by the South African NCDs Alliance can be found here.  Click here to download. It is in the process of final modification for publication later this month.

The NCD Benchmarking Exercise assesses the national capacity for responding to NCDs framed by a civil society perspective.

It is framed to complement national reporting processes on NCDs, as well as WHO monitoring on NCDs.
It includes elements of the NCD national response/capacity that are not reflected in official government/WHO reporting, such as elements that relate to civil society organization engagement and capacity.

The benchmarking tool was developed in consultation with an expert working group of the NCD Alliance.
It is piloted as part of the NCD Alliance programme “Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action” in Brazil, the Caribbean Community and South Africa.
The programme is funded by a generous grant from Medtronic Philanthropy.

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