NCDs integrated persons centred health servicies

Most of the South African health services are provided in siloes contrary to the sustainable development agenda. This document shows civil society’s vision of integrated care to the NDoH Technical Committee. It highlights integrated care is a multi-dimensional continuum and stacked with multiple axes.The focus is on “all of society” and “all of government. ”

Comment on WHO Draft Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion by 15 October 2016

The Zero Draft Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion is open for web-based consultation with NGOs and other interested groups.  Send comments to [email protected] by 15 October 2016. Participants at the WHO’s 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion (Shanghai 21-24 November 2016) will endorse the final declaration. The purpose of the conference is to highlight the critical links between health promotion and achieving the SDGs.

Infographic VJ Pinkney-Atkinsln

Infographic VJ Pinkney-Atkinson

  • ENTRY POINT  block shows 3 key areas in which health promotion is to be used for strengthening/supporting.
  • ACTIONS  block  into entry points for health promotion
  • TRANSFORMATIVE STRATEGIC APPROACHES interact at all level and between all concepts.  Hence the concentric rings.

SDG 3 calls for universal health coverage with health promotion as the tool that bring about transformation.  Citizens and civil society are key participants. Nothing for us, without us.

The figure above summarises a rather complex document. SDGs require integration and complex relationships occurring between the same level and levels.

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