Letter to minister -NCDs strategic plan implementation & resourcing

The SANCDA’s founding partners ask the Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla, to work together to solve the NCD epidemic sent  19 April 2023. Still awaiting a response. From 2013 until today, the SANCDA has never received a written response from its political leadership or executive officials.
Summary of contents

  • Annexure A: SANCDA members, allies, and partners.
  • Annexure B: List of policy requiring coordination and update by date and government Department
  • Annexure C: Contextualisaton of NDOH NCDS+ subprogramme allocations (1010-2026) with the Health Promotion Leavy and & HIV NPOs
SANCDA Letter to Minister Apr 2023 and annexures A B C
WHO NDoH Technical launch to the provinces of the 3rd NCDs NSP

WHO NDoH Technical launch to the provinces of the 3rd NCDs NSP

The SANCDA+ invites you to participate virtually in the NDoH and WHO Technical meeting for the NCDs+ NSP provincial rollout. June 30 all day and July 1 till lunchtime
Register for both days via Zoom Link number of participants limited to 300
Livestreaming on another platform is also to be arranged
When: Jun 30, 2022 08:00 Johannesburg
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The message may note it is a meeting with the Presidency but it is an error we cant correct. It is for the NDOH meeting.

Link to the NDoH invitation here
Link to the draft programme here 
Link to the latest corrected 3rd NCDs+ NSP here

WHO NDoH Technical launch to the provinces of the 3rd NCDs NSP

Coming soon NCDs+ national strategy


Celebration time. It’s happening on 31 May 2022 in Somerset East, Eastern Cape, as part of a World No Tobacco Day event. At last, the NCDs+ civil society can breathe a collective sigh of relief. IT is the long-awaited National Department of Health’s (NDOH) NCDs+ policy for 5 years until 2027. The about-to-launched plan is a compromise, but it is way better than the early drafts. As Churchill may have said, “we are at the end of the beginning”.

If the SANCDA+ had left the NDoH decision makers to their own devices, the 3rd NCDs+ National Strategic Plan (NSP) would have been done and dusted in 2019 without credible transparency and authored mainly by a WHO Country Office appointed contractor. And that version looked remarkably similar to the previous failed 2nd NCDs plan 2013-2017. That plan wasn’t funded, implemented and only externally reviewed/evaluated in 2021.

Yes, it is the SANCDA+ activism that put a spanner in the works. Our early enthusiastic cooperation soured as it became clear that the plan would never be implemented or funded. It moved the SANCDA+ from advocacy to activism using similar tactics as HIV activists in the early part of this century. Memories are short but what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

What is different about the 3rd NCDs+ NSP? (more…)

NCDs+ National Strategic Plan official launch

NCDs+ National Strategic Plan official launch

The long-awaited NCDs+ National Strategic Plan will launch at a World No Tobacco Day event in Preston, Eastern Cape. Both the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Health are set to attend.

draft prog 25 may 2023

The SANCDA+ and NCDs+ Activists we have difficulty with the idea that a primary prevention event for “lifestyle” measures is considered an appropriate launch for health conditions that are the leading cause of death in South Africa.

The location was finalized on 25 May.
The SANCDA+ is sending 2 representatives who will travel with NDoH travel bursaries.
Busi Nkosi and Razana Allie are our representatives
World No Tobacco Day event
the SANCDA+ has asked that the proceedings are livestreamed.

NCDs ask the SA Human Rights Commission for equity

After years of
During December talks between the SANCDA and SAHRC continued about inequity for NCDs and disabilities. On 18th December 2020 culminated with two major activities occurred: a meeting between with the SAHRC and the laying of a formal complaint on behalf of PLWNCDs.  

On December 18 the SANCDA met with the SA Human Rights Commission to lodge a complaint about the state of NCDs+ and disability policy in South Africa.