NDoH “Implementation” Review of 2nd NCDs NSP 2013-2017

NDoH “Implementation” Review of 2nd NCDs NSP 2013-2017

The date of the review is August 2018.  This is the first version. Later,  in November 2018, a second version was circulated.

The NCDs National Strategic Plan 2013-2017 is also known as the 2nd NCDs NSP. It was reviewed in 2018 by a WHO country office contracted consultant on behalf of the NDoH.
It is grandiosely called The “Implementation Review of the  NCDs NSP 2013-2017”  The title is a farce since this plan was never implemented and unfunded. The review is supposed to imply an authentic evaluation of the plan, processes and outcomes. It does nothing of the sort
The WHO consultant Mel Freeman was also the NDoH official responsible for the development and implementation of the 2nd NCDs NSP during his tenure as Chief Director, NCDs

NDOH implementation review 2NN 2018 aug


NCDs NSP policy list draft

NCDs National Strategic Plan (NSP) January update

On 30 November, 2020 the current version of the NCDs NSP (draft 4 2020) was circulated to the NDoH Technical Committee for comment. We asked our stakeholder to comment again. However, within days the NDoH referred the draft Public Health England (PHE) for peer review. The methodology of the peer review is not known but members of the TC were asked to make input. WHO NCDs country representative, Dr Mwangi and I made comments. Click here to view.

We understand that the review is complete and await feedback and the consultant working on the NSP, contracted by the Better Health Programme, stated that it is likely in the next two weeks. As soon as we know, you will know!