NHI Bill- Health Committee briefed by Parliamentary Legal Service & State Law Advisors

Parliament, Wednesday 15 March 2023 – The Portfolio Committee on Health was briefed by the Parliamentary Legal Services and the State Law Advisors on the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill.

This committee briefing forms part of the legislative processes for the NHI Bill. The briefing forms part of the process the committee must undertake to ensure that the Bill goes through the proper parliamentary processes. The committee has conducted a public participation process of provincial and virtual public hearings. Following that, the committee received inputs from the Department of Health (which is the sponsor of the Bill) responding to the inputs and recommendations received during the public participation process. Thereafter, the committee conducted clause by clause deliberations of the Bill.

Committee Chairperson Dr Kenneth Jacobs said the briefing today provided the committee with a legal opinion on the Bill. Further engagement will resume next week when the members meet to discuss the legal practitioners’ input.

Comment on: WHO Zero Draft Framework for Meaningful Engagement people with NCDs & mental health

Comment on: WHO Zero Draft Framework for Meaningful Engagement people with NCDs & mental health

WHO has launched a web-based consultation on Zero Draft of the WHO Framework for Meaningful Engagement of People Living with Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and Mental Health conditions (hereby ‘The Framework’). The web-based consultation is open until the 14th of November, 2022.

The Framework will support WHO and Members States in the meaningful engagement of individuals with lived experience to co-create and enhance related policies, programmes, and services. The framework has been co-created with individuals with lived experience, WHO, Member States and other relevant partners. WHO has proactively prioritized and included individuals with lived experience across a range of evidence-generating activities and processes, which has informed the Zero Draft of the Framework

Member States, UN organizations, non-State actors and individuals with lived experience are invited to submit their comments through e-mail to [email protected]The response can be given in any of the six official UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish. We kindly note that the deadline for comments is 14th November 2022.

To submit your comments or to ask any queries on the Framework or the web-based consultation, please contact:  Mr Jack Fisher, Technical Officer, Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs, Global NCD Platform, [email protected]

Please share this URL and attached social media tile widely across your networks to ensure all key stakeholders have the opportunity to provide inputs and feedback into the Zero Draft. We deeply appreciate all your inputs and support to date and look forward to hearing the response of the wider community.

SANCDA+ member meeting

SANCDA+ member meeting

This confirms our virtual general meeting to discuss our progress and future plans.
Please ensure your organization is represented and if you are not available as the organization’s representative, please nominate another person to do so.

Register in advance here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMucu-qrT4rHdMkV_yTF2_MrdPnWxMhu-B8
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


  • PAST 2013-2021 SANCDA+ A brief history
  • Recent past April 20- March 2022
    • Summary of the annual report
    • CANSA fiscal partner financial report and role of the fiscal partner
  • PRESENT Progress on the SANCDA+ strategic plan
    • Government accountability for human rights violations of PLWNCDs+ within NCDs+ related policy (SAHRC, National Development Plan etc)
    • Co-produce and disseminate knowledge supporting the integrated person-centred NCDs+ model
    • Co-produce a stainable SANCDA+ governance structure mandated by members, allies and partners stakeholders
    • Is there a future for SANCDA+ beyond 2023? Charting
    • Next steps

Do you have items for the agenda? Or wish to speak? Please contact us for any more information or clarification here:

Busi – [email protected]   +27 82 821 9057  Vicki – [email protected]

Milestone Tobacco Control Bill progress Aug 22

Milestone Tobacco Control Bill progress Aug 22

The Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill, 2018 (Tobacco Control Bill)  has reached the Cabinet which is a milestone in its passage into law. Here is the update on the progress to enact the Tobacco Control Bill

  1. The 1st pre-Cabinet Committee (Technical Working Committee) recommended the Bill to the next committee.
  2. The 2nd pre-Cabinet Committee of the Deputy Director Generals of the 18 national departments in the Social Cluster recommended the Bill progress.
  3. Following the 1 August 2022 NDOH presentation of the Bill to the Forum of the Directors-Generals (FOSAD) approved the Bill to be considered by the Cabinet.

Although much remains to be done in Cabinet and Parliament (National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces) before the Bill is enacted, progress at FOSAD is a milestone. The progress also highlightsthe important roles the various stakeholders play.