South African Health Review 2016

Please read below for the link to the latest 2016 South African Health Review. Listed below is the chapters with links contained to the digital copy not hosted on this website. Following that is the cover to the review which is the link to the digital download.

  1. Health Policy and Legislation

    Andy Gray, Yousuf Vawda

  1. Analysing the progress and fault  lines of health sector transformation in South Africa

    Laetitia Rispel

  1. Water, sanitation and health: South Africa’s remaining and existing issues

    David Hemson

  1. Diet-related non-communicable diseases in South Africa: Determinants and policy responses

    Mark Spires, Peter Delobelle, David Sanders, Thandi Puoane, Philipp Hoelzel, Rina Swart 

  2. The contribution of specialist training programmes to the development of a public health workforce in South Africa

    Virginia Zweigenthal, Leslie London, William Pick 

  3. Disabling health: The challenge of incapacity leave and sickness absence management in the public health sector in KwaZulu-Natal Province

    Rajen N. Naidoo, Saloshni Naidoo, Sujatha Hariparsad

  1. Language barriers in health: Lessons from the experiences of trained interpreters working in public sector hospitals i n the Western Cape

    Ereshia Benjamin, Leslie Swartz, Linda Hering, Bonginkosi Chiliza 

  2. Bridging the gap between biomedical and traditional health practitioners in South Africa

    Mosa Moshabela, Thembelihle Zuma, Bernhard Gaede

  3. Achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health services: The potential and pitfalls for contraceptive services in South Africa

    Naomi Lince-Deroche, Melanie Pleaner, Jane Harries, Chelsea Morroni, Saiqa Mullick, Cindy Firnhaber, Masangu Mulongo, Pearl Holele, Edina Sinanovic 

  4. Breastfeeding in South Africa: are we making progress?

    Lisanne du Plessis, Nazia Peer, Simone Honikman, René English

  1. MomConnect: an exemplar implementation of the Health Normative Standards Framework in South Africa

    Christopher Seebregts, Peter Barron, Gaurang Tanna, Peter Benjamin, Thomas Fogwill

  2. The contribution of congenital disorders to child mortality in South Africa

    Helen L. Malherbe, Colleen Aldous, David Woods, Arnold Christianson

  1. Integrating mental health into South Africa’s health system: Current status and way forward

    Marguerite Schneider, Emily Baron, Erica Breuer, Sumaiyah Docrat, Simone Honikman, Ashraf Kagee, Michael Onah, Sarah Skeen, Katherine Sorsdahl, Mark Tomlinson, Claire van der Westhuizen, Crick Lund

  1. Sex work and South Africa’s health system: Addressing the needs of the underserved

    Andrew Scheibe, Marlise Richter, Jo Vearey

  1. Trauma, a preventable burden of  disease in South Africa: Review of the evidence, with a focus on KwaZulu-Natal

    Timothy C. Hardcastle, George Oosthuizen, Damian Clarke, Elizabeth Lutge

  1. Strengthening the measurement of quality of care

    Ronelle Burger, Shivani Ranchod, Laura Rossouw, Anja Smith

  1. HIV and AIDS financing in South Africa: sustainability and fiscal space

    Mark S. Blecher, Gesine Meyer-Rath, Calvin Chiu, Yogan Pillay, Fareed Abdullah, Aparna Kollipara, Jonatan Davén, Michael Borowitz, Nertila Tavanxi

  1. Towards a transparent pricing system in South Africa: Trends in pharmaceutical logistics fees

    Varsha Bangalee, Fatima Suleman

  1. The development of a National Health Research Observatory in South Africa: Considerations and challenges

    Nobelungu J. Mekwa, Ashley Van Niekerk, Edith N. Madela-Mntla, Mohammed Jeenah, Glaudina Loots, Bongani M. Mayosi

  1. Health and Related Indicators
    Candy Day, Andy Gray