On Monday, October 23rd during the arbitration hearings in the tragedy at Life Esdimeni, a family member of one of the victims suggested that amnesty is given to the NGOs.

The Life Esidimeni tragedy claimed the lives of 141 patients from the facility. They were moved to NGOs who falsified documentation and left the patients in an appalling condition and left to die

This was suggested in the hopes of “getting answers” in the words of Christine Nxumalo, whose sister died at the notorious Precious Angels NGO facility. She further suggested that the officials not be held criminally liable for giving false testimony they made at the arbitration.
Further, she stated that everything that was said in the hearing by Precious Angels founder, Ethel Ncube Nxumalo “I can tell you that everything she said was a lie”

Christine’s sister was reported to have died on 17th of August 2016 while in a statement from the Founder of Precious Angels. This contradicts a paramedics report showing she actually passed away two days earlier on the 15th August.

While she critical of the department and their actions she wants answers and the truth rather than prosecution for the sake of the families. While she is still waiting on answers from the SAPS on an open case and autopsy report from them.
Going further Christine had said that on numerous occasions they had contacted the Health Department to warn them of the implications of ending their contract with Life Esidimeni. To which they received no response from the department.

This has raised the question over truth over Justice with the obvious moral complex involved. Yet, this would allow for all the answers to be given to the families and the full story finally told of what transpired over the months leading to the deaths of 141 mentally ill patients.


Timeline of events

Image Credits: www.ewn.com