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WoW! No-Sugar November Challenge

Welcome to the WoW! No-Sugar November Challenge! We are so thrilled that you have decided to join us in empowering yourself in body, mind and spirit. For the month of November, we challenge you to give up on added sugar!

What does that mean?
Quit added sugar for 30 days! One day at a time.
What to give up? Select at least one added sugar food item (that you have often) to quit during November. Select from: sweets/candy/; cakes/biscuits; sweet desserts/puddings; chocolates; sugar in tea/coffee; sweeteners; soft /fizzy/sugary drinks (including fruit juice, sports drinks, diet drinks; flavoured water); sweetened yoghurt; alcoholic drinks (including beer, cocktails, cider).
Move more! Aim for at least 30min of physical activity most days of the week.
Rethink your drink! Drink water! Flavour water by adding natural ingredients such as a slice of orange, lemon, apple or cucumber.
Read food labels! Make sure you read all food labels before just grabbing something from the shelves- even something you think is sugar-free could have hidden sugars.
Mindful eating! Get mindful of all of your food choices, start to explore alternative healthy options, eat and enjoy your food with others.

What are the benefits of reducing my sugar intake?
Some of the benefits that you might experience:
 Lose weight – this, in turn, reduces your risk of developing a chronic disease such as diabetes.
 Improve concentration.
 Clearer skin
 Reset your system.
 Recalibrate those taste buds.
 Sleep better.
 Improve health.
 Increase energy levels.
 Look and feel great in your summer clothing.
 Save money.

List 3 things that you want to achieve through this No-Sugar Challenge:
1. __________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________

Actions for saying No-Sugar!
Clear out! Remove all sugary foods and treats from your cupboards.
Be prepared! Have healthy snacks available like raw nuts, fruit, unsalted popcorn….
Beat the boredom! Sometimes we simply eat to give yourself something to do!
Manage your stress! Take healthy actions such as going for a walk, rather than reaching for sweets/chocolates.
Social support! Surround ourselves with people like-minded people who will support you.
Learning through challenges! We know there is no such thing as failure. There is only learning and retrying for success!
Share experiences! Share your challenges, ideas, actions and progress on the WoW! Facebook group: WoW! WesternCape on Wellness

For more information about the WoW! No-Sugar November Challenge and the WoW! healthy lifestyles initiative:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021483 6651

Thank you for helping as to Co-Create a Culture of Wellness!


Which 3 provinces met cervical cancer screening targets in 2014?

Cervical cancer screening coverage by province

Cervical cancer screening coverage by province

Cancer of the cervix (CaCx) is the only NCDs indicator monitored in the District Health Barometer 2013-2014 due its historical focus on Millennium Development Goals.

  • Cervical cancer (CaCx) is the 2nd most frequent cancer among SA women
  • Most frequent cancer among women between 15-44 years
  • 43 million women aged ≥15 years are at risk
  • 7,735 women are diagnosed with CaCx every year
  • 4, 248 die from CaCx.
  • 21% of women in the general population are estimated to have cervical HPV infection at a given time
  • Over 60% of invasive CaCx are attributed to HPVs 16 or 18.m
  • HPV vaccination of girls before sexual activity is the best primary prevent

It is the nearly 20 million women who are at risk that need the CaCx screening and the ones below are only of women 30 and older. Only screening tests are considered… that is to find those who need further investigation.

  • 1st place: KZN is the best performing province for the second year running.
  • 2nd place:  North West improved increased its performance by 13.1%
  • 3rd place: Western Cape

Provinces slow to prioritise NCDs

imagesOnly 3 provinces have draft (not officially approved) NCDs plans and none have a budgetary allocation that can be traced to NCDs. Assessing the extent of NCDs roll out is difficult as neither budgets nor monitoring mechanisms are available. The three provinces are Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga (see Table 1).

No province meets the all of the criteria for an operational NCDs plan:

  • NGOs & PLWNCDs engaged in national NCD plan development
  • Provincial budgetary allocation for prevention and treatment
  • Intersectoral NCDs mechanism including NGOs, PLWNCDs and private sector
  • NCDs plan with a ‘whole of government’ approach, i.e. with areas for action beyond the health sector.

NCDs plans could be standardised if a template existed and that could easily be one of the first tasks of the long delayed NCDs Commission / National Health Commission.

Discouraged NCDs personnel in provinces

Dedicated health officials from the provincial heath head offices work on NCDs despite the low priority given by leaders to fight NCDs. One such worker recently said: “I have been told there is no budget for NCDs health promotion in our province for the rest of the financial year. What am I supposed to do for the next 5 months? It is very discouraging.”

Table 1:  NCDs plans available and operational in provinces

Eastern Cape: Unknown No web-based documentation found and no response to request for NCDs plan.
Free State Unknown No web-based documentation found and no response to request for NCDs plan.
Gauteng: Partial Completed draft NCDs operational plan that is combined with geriatrics and eye care. (26) Goals, targeted and with budget request. Intersectoral objectives with meetings and district coordinators already take place. Availability of plan not known.
KwaZulu-Natal Partial Completed draft NCDs plan used to guide activities which presented at the intersectoral KZN–SA NCD Alliance Indaba (workshop) in June 2014.(27). However, support is implied by the attendance of the Member of the Executive Committee (MEC) for Health at the NCDs meeting. (28)
Limpopo: unknown No web-based documentation found and no response to request for NCDs plan.
Mpumalanga partial Completed draft NCDs Operational Plan 2014 (29)
North West unknown No web-based documentation found and no response to request for NCDs plan.
Northern Cape unknown No web-based documentation found and no response to request for NCDs plan.
Western Cape partial Plan under construction. (30)

Source: SA NCD Alliance Benchmarking NCDs for action 2015.  Full list of references in benchmarking document (all are all provincial government documents.)