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Advocacy Agenda of People Living With NCDs

National Department of Health: Advocacy Agenda of People Living With NCDs (2016)

Noncommunicable diseases affect people. People like us. People in every country, rich and poor,
old and young, in cities and in villages, the privileged and the vulnerable. At some point in our
lives, they are likely to affect each and every one of us. This is what unites us.

Every year, over 40 million people die because of NCDs. However, many lives can be saved if
action is taken now.

Despite the diversity of our conditions, experiences and backgrounds, we stand united as
we fight for our lives and for future generations.
We are not defined by our diseases. We are human beings with rights, needs, wants, hopes,
and aspirations.

We have come together to claim our voice and to ensure that we are listened to. Together,
we can ensure that nobody is ignored.

We seek to amplify the voices of millions, leaving nobody behind – especially those who
are too sick, too old, too young, too poor, or too vulnerable to take a stand.
We urgently demand long overdue action and resourcing for NCD prevention and control
from our governments and political leaders. Progress has been too slow, and we are impatient
for change.

It is unacceptable that millions of us still live in environments that promote disease over health,
that millions of us every day are denied access to lifesaving treatment and care, and that millions
of us are denied dignity and our human right to live long and healthy lives.
We demand action not just for ourselves, but for the benefit of all our children. The next generation
is now at stake.

We stand ready to help build a world where everyone, regardless of status, income,
or locality, can realise their full potential as people, unhindered by preventable NCDs.

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