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2019 July NDoH invitation stakeholder NCDs Stakeholder consultation

2019 July NDoH Stakeholder NCDs Stakeholder consultation CV disease and stroke. This is a copy of the invitation sent on 24 July 2019 with a response required by 31 July for a meeting on 7 July 2019. From Dr Yogan Pillay
A draft agenda was circulated before the meeting. Here is the draft agena.
There was no time for discussion. Diabetes was included in the meeting without prior notice.
No minutes of the meeting were circulated nor were the presentations.

The consultation aims to:

  • Identify cascades of care for CVD and Stroke and understand the roadblocks that impede care;
  • Identify immediate, medium- and long-term interventions to enhance care; and
  • .Promote collaborative interventions to create awareness and educate communities and health workers on CVD and Stroke
Ndoh stakeholder meeting document
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