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Delivering NCDs medicines access CCMDD

After 7 years the government’s flagship NHI medicines access programme, called CCMDD (Centralised Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution) the majority, 76%, get HIV medication. In 2019, 24% are on NCDs medication alone. Getting CCMDD right for people with NCDs is absolutely critical and so far only those with hypertension are cracking it. What do you think?

So before #COVID19 continued access to medicines for NCDs was difficult and the pandemic just made it worse. So if you take HIV medications, ARVs, then you get access and access to remote pickup. Thus avoiding the risk of COVID-19 infection and possible death.

This PowerPoint Presentation is by National Department of Health’s Maggie Munsamy NHI Technical specialist and head of CCMDD. It was part of the Webinar hosted by CANSA for Universal Health Coverage Day 2020.

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