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Framework & strategy for disability & rehabilitation services in South Africa 2015-2020

Also known as the FDSR. The strategy expired in 2020 without evidence of an NDoH review. It is one of several national disability policies spread across national departments.
Goal 1 is interesting because it speaks to disability and rehabilitation in priority health programmes. The trouble is that the NDoH NCDs sub-programme is not on the list as there are not considered a national priority in the National Development Plan.  Integration is not possible as long as we have policy and funding silos.
The monitoring and evaluation framework was due for implementation in full by March 2020. A recent WHO global report highlights health inequity for people with disabilities.

GOAL 1: Integrate comprehensive disability and rehabilitation services within priority health programmes (including Maternal and Child Health, District Health Services, HIV/AIDS, TB, Health Promotion, Nutrition, Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Human resources) from primary to tertiary and specialised health care levels.

Rehabilitation: is a goal-directed process to reduce the impact of disability and facilitate full participation in society by enabling people with disability (PwD) to reach optimum mental, physical, sensory and/or social functional levels at various times in their lifespan. The rehabilitation process has levels or stages with specific outcomes for participation throughout the lifespan. (see page 22 FDSR)
Impairment: a loss or abnormality in body structure or physiological function, including mental function. It may be temporary or permanent; progressive, regressive or static; intermittent or continuous. The deviation from the norm may be slight to severe and may fluctuate over time. The presence of impairment necessarily implies a cause. However, the cause may not be sufficient to explain the resulting impairment. It may be part of, or an expression of a health condition, but it does not necessarily indicate that a disease is present or that the individual should be regarded as sick. A primary impairment may result (see page 22 FDSR) 2015 - Framework and strategy for disability and rehabilitation services in South Africa 2015-2020-annotated

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