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Social & behaviour change communication (SBCC) requirements NCDs SUMMARY

A 5-page summary report of social and behaviour change communications (SBCC) for NCDs in South Africa.
Date February 2021.  Commissioned by the Better Health Project South Africa (BHPSA)
This report summarises two studies that were requested by the South African NDoH to strengthen its approach to social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) for the prevention of NCDs.

  • Section A discusses an evidence-based and systematic approach to SBCC and provides the ideal components of a framework for an SBCC strategy. It also provides evidence that could be used to design an SBCC strategy for
    NCDs in South Africa; and
  • Section B uses the quality assurance tool in the above framework to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of one national campaign: National Nutrition and Obesity Week (NNOW, October 2020)
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