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NCDs+ Plan 2020 8 goals & format

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8 NCDs+ goals

1: Promote health/wellness & accelerate NCDs+ prevention to reduce risk factors.
2: Reduce NCDs+ morbidity & mortality by providing treatment and care, adherence (self-care) support for all.
3: Reach all key and vulnerable NCDs+ populations with customised and targeted interventions.
4: Address the social & structural drivers of NCDs+ with functional links to the National Development Plan 2030 and SDGs.
5: Ground the equitable response to NCDs+ in human rights principles and approaches.
6: Promote leadership & shared accountability for a sustainable response to NCDs+.
7: Mobilise resources & maximise efficiencies to support the achievement of these NCDs+ goals & ensure a sustainable response.
8: Strengthen strategic information about NCDs+ to drive progress towards the achievement of the NCDs+ goals.

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