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Comment On Food Allergy Legislation Final – 2014

Comment On Food Allergy Legislation Final 2014


Food allergy is an important health issue due to the potential for severe and life threatening reactions.

The most appropriate risk management option for food allergens is rigorous declaration requirements since, even in small amounts; the allergen may trigger allergic reactions. Allergy Alive, a non-profit organization, wants to consider in the context of South African public, improvements to existing regulatory approaches, which allow consumer choice yet do not compromise the safety of allergic consumers.

Whilst there are specialist medical professionals in the field, the arena of the allergic consumer must be considered. Allergy Alive deems essential, an openness to emerging opinions into regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to food allergens, if we are to match international standards in allergen control and create a safe environment for our allergic community, even in the a context where prevalence rates are lacking at this point.

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