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NDoH NCDs stakeholders letter May 2020

The unsigned and undated letter sent to nearly 150 stakeholders asking for comments on the “final draft” of the NCDs National Strategic Plan on 18 May 2020. The timelines for the previously unseen document are given in the table below.

18/05/2020Circulate the draft to ALL Stakeholders for inputs/comments
23/05 2020Receive final inputs from Stakeholder
27/05/2020Incorporate the inputs/comments received from the Stakeholders into the draft and finalise the draft Incorporate Costing input. Obtain Approval for Minster’s Foreword and DG’s Acknowledgement
26/05/2020Prepare submission for consideration and recommendation by the Technical Committee of the NHC 
Timelines given by NDoH to comment on NCDs national plan from 18 May 2020

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